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2016-Present - Gonzaga University


Senior Capstone


This course will be a student driven exploration of our individual and collective relationships to feminism and feminist movement: past, present, and future. Through the course readings and written assignments, you will develop your ability to articulate your relationship to feminism, commitment to social justice, and vision for the future.  


Transnational Feminism, Gonzaga Univestiy

Description: A 300-level course that explores key feminist debates from a global perspective focusing on collaborations and activist efforts across geographical and cultural borders. Among the issues examined are: reproductive rights, feminicides, and environmental protection.


Gender, Difference & Power, Gonzaga University

Description: Introductory course examines the construction and practice of gender in various contexts, with an emphasis on the intersection of gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and (dis)ability. This course specifically explores topics such as cultural performances of feminine and masculine behavior, sexuality, women’s rights, militarism, family life, globalization, and social change.

Gender and Popular Culture

Description: This introductory course is a critical examination of the ways popular culture generates and shapes images of gender, race/ethnicity, class, and sexuality. The course uses cultural studies methods to examine the production, meanings, and social uses of popular culture by multiple communities in local and global contexts.

Feminist Activism in Latin America and the Caribbean

First-year seminar examining women’s activism in relation to issues of social justice—such as gender-based violence, immigration, poverty, environmental and civil rights, etc. Special attention is placed on social, political, economic, cultural and historical backgrounds of the examined countries.


2013-2016 - University of Washington


Introduction to Gender and Popular Culture   

Introduction to Women’s Studies

Gender, Race & Class


Teaching Assistant Experience - University of Washignton


Introduction to Women Studies, University of Washington

Introduction to Gender and Popular Culture, University of Washington

Women and the Law, University of Washington

Feminist Art and Visual Culture, University of Washington

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